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Restaurant Soultana Fes


Restaurant Soultana

Welcome to our traditional Moroccan restaurant Soultana, where we offer a unique dining experience that captures the essence of Moroccan culture and cuisine. Our restaurant features a warm and inviting atmosphere that will transport you to the heart of Morocco.

At our restaurant, we are committed to providing our guests with the highest quality, authentic Moroccan cuisine. Our menu is carefully crafted to showcase the rich flavors and textures of Moroccan cooking. From savory tagines to succulent grilled meats, our dishes are made using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

In addition to our delicious cuisine, we offer a variety of traditional Moroccan beverages, including mint tea and freshly squeezed juices. We also have a selection of Moroccan desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our restaurant is decorated with traditional Moroccan artwork, textiles, and furnishings to create an authentic atmosphere. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our food or culture.

Restaurant Soultana Warm Atmosphere Traditional Style

The Atmosphere of Restaurant Soultana

The atmosphere

The atmosphere of Our Reataurant is a reflection of the rich culture and history of Morocco. As soon as you step through the doors, you’ll be transported to a different world, full of exotic scents, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns.

The décor of Soultana restaurant isornate and elaborate, featuring colorful tiles, carved woodwork, and plush textiles. The lighting is usually dim and atmospheric, with soft, warm hues that create a cozy and intimate feel.

Our Testimonials

What Customers Say

We have an amazing time in the beautiful restaurant Soultana. The dishes are delicious and the waiter who served us, was very kind and served us the perfect finishing of our dinner: tea on the roof of the restaurant in night was amazing. Really recommend it.

- Honeymoon

Amazing restaurant! This was the most beautiful building we have seen in Fez. The food was delicious. The servers were attentive and friendly. Even took us on a personal tour of the upper floors of the building and the terrace. Bring your appetite and your camera!

- Carla

This restaurant is located in one of the most majestic riad-like settings. You can get lost admiring all of intricate details in the architectural decor. The service is professional yet warm and welcoming. The meals include traditional Moroccan dishes served in delicious, generous portions at surprisingly reasonable prices. Well worth a visit in Fes .

- Bellissima

This is a must go in Fes. Authentic moroccan food, very good quality and stunning place. The decoration is exceptional, there was a live show during dinner and the staff is very friendly and hands on.

- Royaume

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